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over 30 years of cooking

locale interno

a union between tradition and innovation

A small family business passionate about traditional cuisine but driven by the desire to innovate. In our restaurant, tradition and creativity come together to create simple dishes inspired by the Maremma area but with a personal touch.

since 1969

Our story began a long time ago, when Remo moved to Rispescia, a small town near Grosseto, and acquired the building that now is our restaurant.

At the beginning, it was just a small grocery. Over time, the business has gone through a transformation, led by the founder and his daughters, becoming a pizzeria in 1978.

But the desire to innovate and change did not stop and in 1992, the business was handed over the daughters Nadia and Alessandra and the son-in-law Ermanno who begin to experiment with new dishes, especially fish. Since the beginning of the new millennium, Alessandra, Nadia and Ermanno have been betting everything on fish, together with Simone, Ermanno and Nadia's son.

In the last 15 years, Da Remo Restaurant has specialized exclusively on fish dishes, strictly fresh and local.

botte di legno

our dishes

Our menu has a wide choice to satisfy all palates.

The Bavette scampi and lemon, stir-fried with shrimps and prawns and then cold seasoned with mascarpone and lemon zest, are a must in our cuisine.

The Carbonara del mozzo, revisited by adding seafood, is a dish we are very proud of.

The anchovies with onion was one of the first dishes of our cuisine: fresh anchovies slaughtered, macerated in wine vinegar and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and onion.


Then there are some dishes that are a reinterpretation of simple dishes of our territory such as the Acquacotta di Ermanno, a poor dish of the ancient Maremma based on celery and stale bread, modified with the addition of seafood. Or the Panzanella, Maremma dish based on stale bread and vegetables, revisited by adding squid, mussels, clams, cuttlefish and shrimps.

The baked fish at Maremma's flavour, wrapped in aluminum foil, seasoned with salt, pepper, oil and clams and then perfumed with the typical Maremma aromas: juniper, myrtle and rosemary.

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