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"O mild earth that smells of hay
kissed by the mistral sea wind "


the natural park

An uncontaminated expanse of almost 9 thousand hectares surrounded by a hilly chain, the Maremma Park extends from Principina a Mare passing through the mouth of the Ombrone river to Talamone, along 25 km of coastline. Inside we find sandy beaches and cliffs, swamps, pine forests, cultivated fields and pastures. The Maremma Park was established in 1975 and today it is not only a protected area, which is home to very particular animal and plant species, but it is also a territory for promoting sustainable culture.

the ombrone river

A few kilometers from our restaurant, the Ombrone river winds its way through the countryside until it reaches the Natural Park and flows into the sea not far from the beach of Marina di Alberese. The river is a great resource for the land of the place and not only .. tourists can also admire its beauty through canoeing, walking and bird watching.

fiume ombrone
spiaggia di Alberese

marina di alberese

An enchanted place, wild and free from any artificiality. The beach of Marina di Alberese stretches for over 7km from Collelungo to the mouth of the umbrella. If you want to grasp its true beauty, walk along the shoreline, perhaps during a sunny September day.


For those who love nature and tradition, the Maremma countryside also offers suggestive glimpses of the places often overlooked. Follow the country roads that move away from traffic and you will find a sense of peace and tranquility in front of you.

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